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Mike Stevenson from Valencia, CA, United Socialist States of America, on Friday, July 31, 2009

Well well well, I see you people are against the war.  Well, why don't you move to North Korea or Iran.  I hear it's great over there.  You are all losers and traitors.  Fuck off and die. Eat a bag of shit and choke to death on it.  I bet you all voted for Obama.  You were all suckerd in and now your all holding a bag of shit.  Well eat your bag of shit and choke to death because it will get alot worse in the next 3+ years. He will be in office one term, but with Pelozi and Reed at his side they will do much dammage to our nation.  You faggots all helped him and you will pay for it righ along with all of us.
Fuck off all you loser obama lovers and remember.  Pay back is a bitch.
May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your wife's pussy. May you go down on your wife's flea infested pussy and eat it out till Obama is out of office in 3 years and 200 and some odd days.
May God damn you to hell for being a traitor to this blessed nation.  If you all died tomorrow I would have a party for your deaths and piss on your graves. I will piss on your graves and will dig you up and skull fuck you too. You are loser tratiors and useless pieces of shit.
Everyone hates you.  You are hated fucking assholes. Let yourselves be killed by your own useless hands.  Drink some koolaid with poison in it and do yourself a favor.  Leave this horrible place that gives you everything you need and go home to hell.  Go suck satans cock you devil worshipers.  You have sold your souls to satan.  you are worse than child molesters. child molesters have a higher standing in our society than you traitors.
Die Die Die Die soon soon be gone with you and live in an eternity of pain and suffering with obama stuffing his  cock up your asses and treating you like his bitch.  He owns you. You are Obama's slaves.  Serv him you devil worshipers.  Serve the devil himself and let him stuff his huge devil cock up your asses untill it comes our your mouths.  What a pretty sight.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005 at 02:15:54
From:(StupidAss@aol.com) from: fuck, idaho
country: usa

Message Text:  YOu are a fucking left wing LOON !!!  AL Jazeera...you stupid FUCK !  Fucking dumbass !

Wed 01/19/05 06:05
From: Rcgrandad38, Subject: Re: Squadron13 Aviation Museum Newsletter

Message Text: You are full of shit

Tuesday, March 01, 2005 at 19:45:48
From: Proud American (fuckyou@youranasshole.dik)
from: Indy
country: USA

Message Text: Figures michaelmoore.com and aljezeeras websites would be your favorite you cocsucking communist

Saturday, February 12, 2005 at 10:41:25
From: Fuck@you.com

Message Text:  go hide in the hills of Afgahnistan with your Al-Jazeera
watching friends---and take that weeble Michael Moore with you

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