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Squadron13 Aviation museum collects some information from visiting web traffic. Some examples of the type of information collected would be the pages visited, the time of day they are visited, your browser type and version, your IP address, types of server errors, where you came from, or, which search engine and search words you used. This information is used by me to see what the heck is going on. I don't do too much with it. I look at it. I say "Ahhhhhhh", "Oooooooooh". I post a very concise summary of this information for public view. Then I forget it and go take a nap.
Quite often spammers think they can get a free ride in my Guestbook. They send me what they think are automated guestbook entries. I laugh and delete them.
Sometimes people send me real nice comments about my site to be put into my guestbook. I gleefully read each one and look forward to adding it, but never as quick as I wish I could.
And some people send me private messages which I almost always enjoy. I respond when appropriate, keep it private, and then go take another nap.
If you subscribe to my mailing list, your email address is stored. It will usually sit there for quite awhile before I get around to sending out a e-newsletter. I don't share your email address with anyone. If you wish to be taken off the mailing list you can step into the automated utility bay (below - "Join the mailing list") and adjust the dilithium crystals yourself, or just contact me with your request to be deleted.

Best wishes!

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