Sickle Cells in Washington, D.C.

 It's right in front of us,
the most dangerous government
in the world.
The place where I was born.
After I came back from Vietnam,
being there is like being behind
enemy lines.
I visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
every so often when I go to D.C. to demonstrate,
yet against another Vietnam War.
The current soldiers are suffering from
Multiple Deployments,
while Vietnam veterans are suffering from
Multiple Wars.
The lies are always the same,
they are right out of the same playbook.
Over and over again,
the American people get duped by the
same Sickle Cells.
Only these wars in the Middle East,
are rapidly making the American people
very sick.
The cancer is so wide spread.
The Elite are so infested with greed,
their lies are infecting the new born
in America.
With the Fort Hood massacre,
there will be a resurgence of hate
in America.
It will put Muslims in America on alert.
It will add to the already hypervigilance
of an entire country.
How did all of this ever happen?
Who threw the first punch?
Who fired the first pistol?
Who dropped the first bombs enveloped in
lies that someone had weapons of mass destruction?
Who lied about  Gulf of Tonkin?
Who lied about the secret bombings of Laos before
Gulf of Tonkin in 1964?
Who lied about the invasion of Panama in 1989?
Who lied about the overthrow of Iran in 1953?
Who lied about the overthrow of Chile?
Who lied about East Timor?
Who lied about Angola?
Who lied about Honduras?
Who lied about Nicaragua?
Who lied about so many lies that has put American
troops in so many countries I can't even keep up with?
The Sickle cells are everywhere,
and the most powerful nation in the world is constantly
in search of enemies.
There has got to be a poor farmer in a poor country,
who has an AK-47 who is a threat to the most powerful
military force the world has ever seen,
If you want to know the truth,
do a simple test.
Go to Google and type in:
U.S.Military Intervention into...
and name the country.
Stay up all night until you cry yourself to sleep
when the sun comes up.
Sleep for 12 hours,
and when you wake up,
look at yourself in the mirror.
join a movement to help stop the madness.
Do this because your soul was born free.
Do this because there is nothing else left to do.
Do this because the Sickle Cells need to be
put out of business.
Do this even if it takes your last breath.
Do this for the children you love.
Do this because this country belongs to you.

Mike Hastie
U.S. Army Medic
Vietnam 1970-71
November 16, 2009

" First they ignore you, then they laugh at you,
then they fight you, then you win."
Mahatma Gandhi

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