Veterans For Peace Anti-war Tour Bus

These are some pictures from November 8th, the day Jack and I drove the bus back to Eugene from Garberville, California.

Fredy Champaign, previous owner of the bus.
This bus has a very respectable history of humanitarian work, peace and anti-war actions dating back to 1998 under the caring hand of Fredy,
including a round trip to Boston promoting peace, protested the School of the Americas at Ft. Benning, GA,
and has delivered supplies to remote villages in Chiapas, Mexico including one confrontation with the Federales.

Jack and I with "Betsy  #3" in Garberville.
Betsy #1 was donated to the "White Rose" and Betsy #2 presented to Lt. Ehren Watada via his father.
The Betsy Ross flag is the official flag of VeteransAgainstTorture.
It represents our desire to return to the more noble intentions of our founding fathers.

We did our first rescue on our first drive home, a young abandoned female cat at a freeway rest stop.

At the coast in Northern California (cat in bus!). This picture was taken by an unidentified Vietnam Vet
who it seems followed us for a short bit until we pulled over. After taking this picture he resumed his own trip in the other direction.

In the Redwood Forest, California (cat still in bus and not very happy!). This picture was the end of our only short burst of nice weather.
For the most part, this trip was miserable driving, lots of rain and in the dark.

Back in Eugene, filling up at the Sequential bio fuel station.
Notice our new lettering just above the windows, "American Made Bio-Diesel gets zero soldiers per mile".
The cat now lives with Jack and his wife.

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