Energy to Die For - Pasco and Hood River GNEP EIS hearings

If the Department of Energy has its way, highly radioactive waste will soon be coming from all over the world, traveling right through our highways and railways here in the Pacific Northwest, past our schools and shopping centers to end up at Hanford Washington, already one of the worlds most highly polluted sites. There is so much about this plan that is objectionable, misleading, untruthful, not to mention deadly, that I hardly know what to say. For starters, the hearings were scheduled in such a way to discourage vocal opposition from citizens. You aren't supposed to know this is happening. The most important message here is that YOU CAN help stop this. Simply use one of the three methods below to voice your opposition, on a Government website, by snail mail, or by FAX. Tell them what you think even if it is just a simple "I disapprove of GNEP".
View the videos below that were taken at the Pasco Washington and Hood River hearings on November 17th and 18th of 2008. These videos are only some of the testimonies that were given and are posted to help inform the many who could not make it. They may also be very useful in formulating your own statement.
Please help stop this by submitting your opinion.

THREE different ways to voice your opposition- DEADLINE IS MARCH 16, 2009

1) Click here to submit your comments online:

2) Send your comments via snail mail to this address:
    Mr. Frank Schwartz
    U.S. Department of Energy
    Office of Nuclear Energy - NE-5
    1000 Independence Ave., SW
    Washington, DC20585

3) Or, send your comments via toll free FAX: 866-645-7807

Please also consider forwarding this page/message and/or any of the video statements below. Embedding any of the videos in your own webpages is encouraged. Double click on any video below to "grab" the embed code.

Can't view the videos? Click here to read some of these in text format.

NOTE: more pictures and text about our journey below videos!

Gordon Sturrock (VeteransForPeace member) speaks of cataclysmic  technological failures of the past, and demands that the President be arrested. Jack Dresser (VeteransForPeace member) speaks of the immoral relationship between the DOE and the DOD.
Also click here for a written statement
George Hutchinson (VeteransForPeace member) speaks of a future technology whose time has passed.

Gerry Pollet 
of Heart America Northwest
Dirk Dunning 
of Oregon Department of Energy
Kathy Fitzpatrick 
representing the City of Moser

Meridith Crafton
of Hanford Challenge
Chuck Johnson
Board member Columbia River Keeper
Lauren Goldberg
Conservation Director for Columbia River Keeper

 Hood River Citizen  75 year resident near Columbia River Aubrey
Heart of America Northwest

 Llyod Marbet - Part 1
The Oregon Conservancy Foundation
Llyod Marbet - Part 2
The Oregon Conservancy Foundation
Paige Knight
President of Hanford Watch

Donna Hipert
Oregon Toxics Alliance
Rachelle Larson
Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility
 Kathy Karlson on "pirates"


Citizen speaks of "cut and paste"  Long time anti-Nuclear activist Dave Berger
Long time Anti-Nuclear Activist 


Department of Energy Deputy Manager Raymond Furstenau who presented the DOE's EIS
took quite a verbal beating from many of the testifiers, yet always maintained his composure.


Our trip to Pasco and Hood River left us with a bit of time to spare on Tuesday. We decided to pay a little unannounced visit to the nearby Umatilla Army Depot and congratulate them on their efforts to destroy extremely dangerous munitions containing nerve agents by an incineration process. The gate guards were understandably a little surprised to see our big 35' anti-war bus pulling up to their gate. After instructing us to call in to their office from **outside** their base, Public Affairs Specialist Jim Hackett came out at our request and visited us on our bus (above right). He apologized that we couldn't come on base but proceeded to fill us in on their incineration work. They've safely destroyed 2218 units containing GB Sarin, landmines containing deadly VX, and M55 rockets. Next they plan to incinerate 4 million gallons of bulk Mustard Gas, a task they hope to complete by 2010. Now there is our tax dollars going to good use!!!  Keep up the great work!

On our way home we couldn't help but notice all the wind turbines along the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, from those already installed and in operation on both North and South shores, but also many being transported down the highway. What a contrast for a two day trip, going from opposing highly radioactive nuclear waste shipments to the environmental disaster known as Hanford, to the success story of Saran and VX destruction at Umatilla Army Depot, to witnessing truly sustainable energy development of wind farms, all the while traveling in our vehicle of the future, a 1969 Gillig bus, capable of getting up to 600 passenger miles per gallon!

Squadron13 team back home,
(l-r) Jack Dresser, George Hutchinson, Gordon Sturrock

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