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How to view the pictures if you're having trouble -

In order to view the large pictures from this site you must have a browser that is capable of running Java.
If you are using Netscape or Explorer versions 4 or later this should not be a problem.  Just turn the Java feature on (enable).
If you have an older version of Netscape or Explorer that doesn't have the Java plug-in, just download the more recent version at one of the gadzillion sites that offer the latest download for free, and make sure you enable the Java feature.
Sometime an Internet "traffic jam" of sort will cause slow loading graphics to hang or crash. It can be hard to tell exactly where the problems are originating but the odds are it will be with your dialup provider. If the problem is persistent with other sites as well as mine, then you should probably start shopping for a different dial provider.
If you are still having difficulties, I regretfully can not provide much help other than letting you know that the pictures do work and are viewed by hundreds of people every day. It would be safe to assume that there is something about your system or internet connection that is preventing you from viewing the pictures. Try a different browser, upgrade your computer, or consult someone in your area who might know more about it. A Newsgroup search might yield you some clues. Click here if you want to know more about Newsgroups.

WebTV users -

If you are a WebTV user, you will be unable to view the large pictures because Java will not run on your system.  Please accept my sincere apologies.

Why Java?

Unfortunately some people don't understand, or give a hoot about who owns a copyright. This is especially so on the Internet. When I started doing this I was torn between making my site a pay site, or using a protection scheme to thwart people from saving my pictures to their hard drives. As you have discovered, I chose the later.
The Java program is one part of a copyright protection scheme that is designed to protect my work by making it difficult to make unauthorized copies.  Copying the files, or even saving to your local hard drive is
copyright infringement (see copyright  notice).  You may visit the Squadron13 site as often as you like, and view whatever you like, for free.
If you are interested in learning more about one of the methods I use to protect my work you can click on the link below. The software they sell is used to encrypt my photos in such a way that they can not be downloaded. They may only be view from my own domain.

Screen Resolution -

All pictures are (or soon will be) sized to fit a monitor that is set at 800 x 600 pixels. If your monitor is set at 640 x 480, the pictures will appear to be larger than your screen and you will have to scroll to see the far ends.  If your screen is set to a higher setting like 1024 x 768 (or higher) the pictures will not take up your whole screen and text will get small. Most monitors can be changed by right clicking on the desktop, selecting properties, then clicking on the settings tab, and choosing your desired settings.  800 x 600 will give you the best viewing conditions.

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