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Ernst-W. Hartig, Germany, on Saturday, September 05, 2009

I am impressed. My deep respect for your struggle.
I thought civil courage is a dying species.You gave me a little hope again that mankind might turn around someday. But right now ( 09.06.2009 ) I learned that Nato killed many civilians in Afganistan during an airstrike. In charge of that friendly bombing was a German officer. As a German I am very much ashamed and will no longer favour our engagement in Afganistan.
But God is dead and I do not believe in only peaceful solutions. That is a recipe for a time, but not for an endless time.
Here is another kind of engagement where support is welcome:
Vietnam Friendship Village Project USA
Wishing you success and lots of support
 ernst-w. hartig

Sgt. Davis James, Newport Oregon, Monday, May 05, 2008

I don't believe in your message.But I served in Iraq proudly so that those who do not choose to do so don't have to.I am sorry if your poor me generation was made to go.And that you cant respect that it is a time honored Tradition for men and women to fight for there country.To the best of my knowledge no one serving in Iraq was drafted.Correction.I know of one and He is a surviving member of hamburger hill.And he turned  60 years old in Iraq.And he proudly served both places.To me that man is a real Hero.Sure they may have been stopped from Ets'ing but by us signing that document they have all the right in the world to do so.1 life is to many to loose in any war.But we have only lost a lil over 4000 in a war that has been going on how long.I pretty sure you guys lost alot more then that in a year.SO here is the poor me generation trying to stop Our Generation from being there.isn't Veterans for peace a Oxy moron.If your kind wasn't running to our funerals and ruining our Parades.I would hear you out.But I was in that parade in a Hmmwv.And when I was done I went to my wife and stood with her and my kids to watch the rest of the parade in front of the Newport armory.And as I watched this celebration of patriotism.I saw your bus come up.And you had a guy with you yelling that we weren't the real hero's that the man standing next to him was the real hero.And said alot of other things that really didn't sound like stuff that should be said from a group that is about peace.Patty the lady you are trying to deface with your video.She has 2 children serving in the military right now.I know them personally.And have since they were 11 years old and first coming to the Armory wanting to join up.It was her kids dream to serve.And Both Volunteered to go over to the war you are so against.All of them people you saw standing on the side walks have very dear friends and family coming home here soon from Iraq.And they aren't Drafted Dope heads.They are the proud Members of The Oregon Army National Guard Out of NewPort.

Marcus Byrne, Chester, VA on Saturday, September 22, 2007

I saw Squadron 13's video about the citizen's arrest of the president and thought it was a good idea and then I got to looking around your site and just got angry at all the people on the other side.  My wife and I are currently Captains in the Army have done one 15 month deployment after only 9 month break about to do another 15 month stint.  I have often wondered what responsibility the active duty military has in response to domestic enemies of the constitution.
Anyways after being in war and about to go back again I am certainly a veteran for peace and a member of IVAW and just about every other veteran's anti-war group.
Thanks for doing what you do,
PS Dr. Jack my wife is an MSC officer also.  Not quite the duty people think it is. Medics suffer the highest rates of PTSD, and I found out why by hanging out in the aid station in Ramadi on occassion.

Will I. Am, Eugene, Oregon on Tuesday, July 03, 2007 at 11:35:42

All I have to say as a Marine who served from 68 to 70 is when we're committed to peace, more so than those committed to war we will have peace.  Thank you for your committment, especially in the face of those of us who haven't figured it out yet, may Peace and prosperity be with you as you travel your paths and thank you for all you do.

Daniel Young, Santa Cruz, CA on Tuesday, June 26, 2007 at 16:25:31
from: Santa Cruz, CA

Dear Mr. Gordon,
I appreciate the work you are doing and want to offer encouragement. Let me start by saying I am a Vietnam Veteran. I was a avionics repairman, 35L20, stationed in Phu Bai, in 1969.
Like so many young men, at the time I thought I was doing something noble, defending my country. Now I wish I had paid more attention to the anti-war crowd, and had not supported the war machine, as I did.
Mr. Gordon, You have written that you changed the flavor of Squadron 13 to reflect your attitude about violence in our society. That strikes a chord with me, because I am also learning more about the pervasive nature of violence in our culture.
I am learning that many peace activists are actually very violent in their mannerisms, without intending to be so. They ridicule their opponents, without understanding that they are perpetuating conflict, instead of resolving it. They see the world as "us vs them" instead of looking at everyone as part of one whole community/world/thing.
I have replied to a few authors who posted messages on VVAW and VFP list serves, and pointed out that they were giving their power away when they got mad at someone, whether it was Bush, Cheney, or Rumsfeld. I tried to explain to them that they wouldn't have such hostile feelings towards these other fellow human beings if they (the writers) had not expected them to behave in a fashion they agreed with. That is the crux of the method that I am working to adopt. If I don't demand that someone to do things "my way", I won't be disappointed, or angry with with them. I might be surprised, but I am learning that everyone does things differently, for their own reasons. The example I give is this; if I hear somebody cursing our President I share with them the thought that he is acting out of fear, not necessarily malice. So much of the violence we see is a result of people's inability to cope with fear, and much of that fear comes when we try to rationalize or justify behavior based on our flawed belief systems. People are caught in a guilt ridden culture, to the point that they don't believe they deserve to be happy. They have been taught that they must die and go to heaven before they can be happy. I am learning that we don't have to earn happiness, and we don't have to earn peace. It is all around us. You are living in peace yourself, as you work to reduce the suffering in the world. I wish you happiness, and all the best as you travel the wonderful road of peace.

Daniel Young
Corrie-Mizo Chapter 11 Veterans For Peace.
Bill Motto "Post for Peace" Post 5888 Veterans of Foreign Wars, Commander.

Roland Van Deusen, Clayton, NewYork, on Thursday, May 31, 2007 at 20:00:20
This is why Newport loyalty days rejected your entry, what they're really afraid of: the response, the truth. Go to our site, www.vfp-northcountry.org, to see Chapter 121 Veterans For
 Peace, marching in Memorial Day parade, getting much applause, people standing up, legionaires saluting, no negative responses noticed. Typical small town (Potsdam, NY) Americans teling Bush that it's over.

Diego Zampini, Argentina, on Saturday, May 26, 2007 at 19:53:25

Dear Gordon Sturrock:
I found your website by chance, looking for info about Tuskegee airmen. I enjoyed it, particularly the page with the pics of veterans who put in his place one of the master-minds behind illegal war in Iraq, Richard Perle. My greetings to all the team who humilliated Perle, particularly to Capt. Chad Hettman and Maricela Guzmán (¡Bien Hecho, Maricela! ¡Así se hace!). I can imagine your happyness because Paul Wolfowitz had to resign to the World Bank, but also your sadness because the Congress still aproved to waste more money in this dirty war. Anyway, do not give up! One more year of fighting, and you'll see the neo-cons being kicked out of the Congress and the White House, I'm sure of that!!
I'm Argentinean, and since 10 years ago I exchange e-mails with people of all over the world (Russia, Czech Republic, Austria, Syria, India, and also USA and Iraq). Most of my non-American friends didn't have bad feelings against USA at all (sometimes criticized the foreign policy, but otherwise they liked the country). But since 2003 (when Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq) they began to hate America. Believe me, George W. Bush and his 'hawks' had caused a tremendous damage to the image of USA all over the world. After them, USA stop being a source of freedom and progress and became a imperialist nation who invades countries to seize natural resources using as excuse fake proofs of WMDs and terrorism.
Also became a nation with 'double-standards', which accuses Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, China, etc of having political prisoners and lack of democracy, but forgeting the illegal enprisonment of hundreds in Guantanamo. I myself began hating USA.
But founding your website, I know that there is hope for USA, that you (the American people) are waking up, that you're realizing what Bush and his neo-cons really are, and you're fighting to make USA a good nation again.
Keep up the good work!! Keep up the fight!! :-)
Truly yours,
Diego Zampini

J on Sunday, May 20, 2007 at 15:39:02

This appears to be a smear tactics website. I am neither republican or conservative, but I noticed that your goal is to smear everyone on the right.  Seems very closed minded.  Appears you have left out a few veterans on the right and left out a ton of non veterans on the left.  Please all I ask is that you be honest and fair. You probably aren't willing to consider this, but I wish you will.  Honesty is the best policy. Smearing people consists of bending the truth. Which is obviously what you have done. I am sorry you have such bad feelings for people. I will pray for you starting now.

Gerald Waite, Indiana on Friday, on May 18, 2007

Dear Citizens of Newport,
As a disabled Vietnam veteran and former Captain in the Army I am happy to hear of your “Loyalty Parade”  It is a fact that we need more community events that show what we are all about and draw people together in the support of our country. It is also a fact that we need to be more open and tolerant in listening to the diverse messages that people in this highly educated country of ours have to offer. In that light I was more than a little disappointed to hear that you turned Veterans for Peace members away and would not let them participate. I realize that messages of peace and conflict resolution may not be popular in some parts of this country right now but many of us risked our lives for causes that we thought would bring peace and our message cannot be discarded simply because you are afraid to listen to it, or afraid that some might be offended by it.  When the pursuit of peace becomes a process that offends the civil population then all the sacrifices made by veterans the world over becomes a waste of time and life. Our VFP Chapter in Indiana’s motto is “if you’re not a veteran for peace, what are you a veteran for?”  I understand that the folks who refused the veterans parade participation may not have understood that these veterans have paid a high price for their rights of free speech. In a larger sense when I write to you or talk to others about those same rights I am also exercising them for 58,000 of my brothers and sisters on a granite wall in Washington who cannot speak to you directly. I take my role of spokesman for them very seriously realizing that you had to “be there” to really understand. Not all my fallen comrades would feel the way I do about the war that killed them or the current war but they would each say that their sacrifice was made to allow those of us who remain to be heard and live in a country where people are not afraid to say what they feel or to listen. I consider it an affront to all veterans that you would refuse Veterans for Peace the right to bring their message to Newport. Most importantly though, I think it is an affront to all of those brave souls who have paid the supreme price for their ideal of freedom that you would deny their brothers the right to free speech in your community.

Gerald  Waite
Former Captain USAR
Vietnam 1970-71

Ron Betts on Wednesday, on May 16, 2007

Being a veteran myself, I was simply awestruck by the tendentiousness of the "little opinion piece" written by the former mayor of Newport, Mark Jones, regarding the summary exclusion of such "outside agitators" as Veterans for Peace from the Loyalty Days parade.  Is that the way Newport honors our nation's veterans?  Must we all 'drink the Kool-Aid' or shut up?

Perhaps the Newport Chamber of Commerce would kindly poll its members for any endorsements of such pecksniffian prejudice so that we'll all have "the consideration of not burdening" those businesses with our cash.  You might say it's a corollary to that "little bitty thing": the First Amendment.

Ron Betts; Waldport

Dr. Les Garwood, Eugene Oregon on Tuesday, May 15, 2007 at 22:03:09

I'm a physician and psychiatrist.  I treat Vets with PTSD and other conditions; but I am representing myself alone, herein.
I am writing this to add my support to your worthy cause. If ANYONE has ever earned the right to carry a message while marching in a parade ANYWHERE in this country then surely it would be a veteran.
Apparently, once you've fought for this country your job is never done; there are those inside, as well as outside our boarders who would trample upon the liberties veterans have
sacrificed so much to preserve. You fight the good fight and my hat will be always off to you all.
My Humble and Earnest Appreciation
Dr. Les Garwood

Dorothy Mack, Depoe Bay, Oregon on Saturday, May 12, 2007 at 16:50:19

Who is Disloyal?
Last year Ms. Louisiana told us in Code Pink we'd never be in her Loyalty Days Parade again. Since she refused to meet with us to discuss why, we decided not to deal with her this year but instead to help the citizens of Louisiana rebuild New Orleans. We were not around to  sneak  into her parade. Not finding us, we hear she rejected many patriotic Veterans, a local handicapped voter and a polar bear?
It's time for a respectable private nonprofit certified by the State of Oregon and sponsored by many reputable civic organizations to remove incompetence from a position of
arbitrary power over public events using public officials--such as a military parade closing a federal highway. Loyalty Days needs a public relations professional aware of civil
rights legislation.
I am a registered Democrat, Lincoln County Precinct Captain #17.
I am a former member of American Legion Post 269 Auxilary.
I am an Oberlin, Yale, and University of Michigan faculty alumnus.
I am a member of WOE, ACLU, AI, WW, OWC, FOR, AAUW, REI and Code Pink.
I wear hot pink. I wear Green. Sometimes I even wear a red hat. Or a yellow star.
Which one makes me disloyal?
Dorothy Mack

Chris, Newport, Oregon on Wednesday, May 09, 2007 at 00:15:13

Your comments are inflammatory, and hardly peaceful.  I'm not wild about VFP being kept out of the parade, but there's a few facts you need to know, in order for your comments to be accurate.

 1.  Patty Louisiana has two children serving in Afghanistan RIGHT NOW.  It is very hard for her. There is probably no one in this county who more fervently hopes for peace. Imagine what it would be like worrying every day that the military might arrive at your doorstep to tell you your child has been killed.  Try compassion, rather than judgement. Calling her a fascist hardly advances your cause.

 2.  Patty does not speak for this entire community.  She is one of some 9,500+ residents.

 3.  Keep in mind that the U.S. buys the bulk of its oil from Canada and Mexico and other countries, NOT the Persian Gulf--which accounts for about 15% of the total of what this country buys.  This is an observation only, NOT a political statement.   So, why are we in Iraq? Only GWB and Karl Rove know for sure.  Certainly, there is no true good reason.

 4.  The Loyalty Day event is sponsored by the Newport Loyalty Day and Seafood Festival Committee--NOT the city of Newport--check it out on the Oregon Secretary of State website. It's a registered nonprofit.

 5.  Kindly DO NOT characterize the U.S. Coast Guard as being part of the military machine!   The bulk of the USCG's activities on the Oregon Coast are devoted to search and rescue, including the gent who went fishing this past weekend in Newport, and drowned.    Not to mention interdiction of illegal drugs coming into the country.  While I'm certain we can agree that education is key to keeping young people off of drugs, interrupting the flow of illegal drugs into the country such as meth and heroin need to occur as well.  USCG men and women risk their lives trying to save others in very dangerous conditions on a frequent basis, and they don't specialize in killing.

I'm a passionate defender of the First Amendment, and I do think the VFP bus should have been allowed to be in the parade. Please keep in mind that inflammatory rhetoric, name-calling, and sweeping generalizations don't advance the cause of peace, and are not peaceful acts. Several of the comments you make on your website are hurtful.  The facts of what happened on Saturday were bad enough without the hyperbole et al.

Let's all give peace a chance, hmmm?


Brian & Iori Perkins, Newport, Oregon on Monday, May 07, 2007 at 20:05:20

We are embarrassed by the treatment you received in Newport by the Loyalty Days parade committee, and hope you will not judge all Newportonians by the actions of those few.  It is unfortunate that some people consider peace to be anti-American.  And even in your guestbook, we can see there are misled individuals who have been brainwashed into thinking that the quest for peace is somehow cowardly support for the terrorists.  Our dream is that someday they will awaken and finally realize that THEY are the ones who create the terrorists in the first place.

James Troupe, Troutdale, Oregon on Sunday, May 06, 2007 at 20:58:50

Sorry to hear you guys weren't allowed to march in the Newport loyalty parade. If you had a prowar message to display, doubtlessly they would have welcomed you guys, regardless of the "paperwork issues". It would be interesting to see if any prowar "paperless" groups were permitted to attend. I plan on boycotting the upcoming Newport Seafood and Wine festival. It will be the first one I've missed in many years. You guys keep up the good work.

Tom Baker, North Island NAS Halsey Field, California, on Tuesday, April 24, 2007 at 21:51:15

I fight for our country in Naval fighter aircraft and you are making my job harder.  You have forgotten that the terrorist want to kill American men, women and children 9/11 style.  The terrorist thank you for your efforts to weaken the United States.  The only country that allows you to own a website such as this.

Coward.  You are too scared to display my comments.  By your political views and the way you run your website you are a coward in everyway.  You weaken the United States and sicken me.

Gordon Tuor in Sandy, Oregon on Tuesday, September 12, 2006 at 18:01:10

Enjoyed the site.

Gordy Tuor VVAW

Bob Watada in Hawaii on September 3, 2006

Now that I am having some down time to respond to email, I want to thank you for everything that you have been doing for Ehren Rosa and myself for the cause.  You and Jack are the doers.  Many talkers, but, few doers, who go out and make things happen.  A community of responsible individuals will be needed to change the course of this country away from the facists, and you and Jack understand that and are taking the steps and actions needed to bring about any change.  Keep up the good work, and please tell Jack how much I appreciate him.

Aloha, Bob Watada

Brett Harty, California on Saturday, August 26, 2006

Allow me to introduce myself; I am Brett Harty former Military Police Sgt. I enlisted in 1984 right out of High School and served until 1994. I can not support someone who goes AWOL just before deployment. That means someone had to go in her stead, someone who was to be home. Not that she gave that any thought.

I hope that just because she is a woman that there will be no charges filled. If this were a male, would there be a second thought as to a court Marshal?? It is one of the few places where everyone MUST pull there own weight, or someone may die.

As far as her being abused, due to not reporting these men did not face justice. Again that is her fault, as an MP she knows how important it is to report these actions, or others may become a victim. But again I guess SPC Swift didn't give that any thought either.

Thank you for your attention

I hope youre happy that you have inspired me, Thank you thank you and thank you


James, Cincinatti Ohio U.S.A. on Thursday, August 17, 2006 at 10:27:06

You forgot to add the 2500+/- innocent americans that were killed in the tower attack on 911... amazing how quickly you forget why we are over in Iraq and Afghanistan.
 If we weren't there, they would be here.


Jim Reed, Portland Oregon, on Monday, July 31, 2006 at 19:16:47

You guys are the "real heros!!!!""  Saw you going through Newberg Oregon last Wednesday!!   Keep on trucking!! And making the public be aware of Iraqi War that most have removed from their minds and tuned out.
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young had a fantastic Anti-War Concert at the Clark County Amphitheater last Friday night. Nice article in the Oregonian about it.
U.S. Army 69-71 Berlin Germany

Abe Simpson, Springfield, Illinois, on Thursday, June 01, 2006 at 21:13:47

comments: I here everybody talk about the genvea convention.Why,What have they done for us.Were they in Hanoi, No.Were they in dachau, No. How about Japan or Bataan, Oh yeah right. HELL NO THEY WERE NOT THERE. But for some reason we have to obey some piece of parchment that means nothing to nobody but us.WHY??????????? in the name of god, why.When you send in the military because diplomacy fails, take off the gloves and let us kill them all, We do what ever we have to do to protect my soliders and innocent people around. If you don't let them do it,we will be in another vietnam or even more serously another Korea, These people are use to negotiating by killing each others loved ones, How are we to do it.these people do not fear us because they know the liberal knuckle draggers over here do not understand what it's like over there.your not going to get anywhere if we don't force them to talk.people thought was bad because they had been fighting there for hundreds of years, but in the mid-east,they've been fighting for thousands of years, and could walk circles around v.c.
thanks for hearing me out, I was in Nam and in !st Gulf war, Listen brother

Michael J. Nieland on Monday, November 7, 2005
from: Squadron13 Vet Center

Gordon no one is for torture.  BUT there are means available that are not torture that can pressure a person to talk.  They may not be considered nice but if this saves Americans lives and protects our nation I am for it.  My dictionary defines torture as any physical or mental pain, agony.  When you look at the measures the enemy has used against us we MUST do what needs to be done to obtain information to prevent more deaths.  What is the measure of our resolve to win this war on terror?  As much as I believe in turning the other cheek this is not something we can do in this situation.  This would only show weakness on our part and open us up for eventual takeover.  We can NEVER let that happen.  Our weakness led our enemies to hurt us in Somalia, the first World Trade Center bombing, Khobar Towers, USS Cole, embassies in Africa and 9-11 attacks.

I understand the merit of your effort for this VAT but I see it as just another nail in the coffin for us as it aid's the enemies of the United States.

Michael J. Nieland

Johnny Runion on Saturday, October 22, 2005 at 10:09:46
from: Jonesborough , TN U.S.A.

Hey Gordon, I served in Viet-Nam from 1/31/67 until 1/24/68 (my 21st B-day). I had the honor of being in 3rd Bgde. 1st Inf Div.  Located at Lai Khe (N-W corner of Iron Triangle). Notice the date that I left V-N. My deros was 1/30/68? On 1/28/68 the basecamp at Lai Khe was over run by enemy coming out of triangle. My legacy turns out to be PTSD, diabetes and good old Hepatitus C Virus, which VA simply wants to deny. They wish that I was dead so that they would not have to deal with me.
The main thing that I would say to any one wishing to turn thieir lives over to the care of their GOVT, is that they LIE and then they LIE some more and then they still continue to
Lie to you!!!!!!! Informed decision? Service people serving in Iraq today are screened for PTSD before they leave country. If found to be suffering, you don't get to come home
--- you become extended and re-assigned. This is how your draft dodgings, non serving leaders and other cronies have decided to deal with the devastating disease of PTSD. Ptsd
has been determined to be organic and not psychiatric. US govt trying to hide this fact. Young people need to find out what cannon fodder is, inorder to keep from becoming just
that. (not very much) That is, if you are trying to be all that you can be. Another O yeah, also alive.

Johnny Runion on Friday, October 21, 2005 at 22:59:21
from: Jonesborough , TN U.S.A.

I am not Democrat or Republican, what I am is a patriot. America is in the undignified position of being RAPED ROBBED ENSLAVED AND SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER!!!!!!!! The President is loading courts in order to have himself appointed GOD. That is why he insists that America is a country "UNDER GOD" Oh yeah I served 8 years, including being fool enough to volunteer for duty in Viet-Nam. Like most people in the service today, I lacked perspective enough to be able to make informed decisions. I have come to know and understand that the Vietnamese people never were my ememy, just as the citizens of Iraq are not the enemies of America today. I apologise for getting long but this shit pisses me off. These so called Christian Conservatives need to remember that any killing is murder.
These people want you and I dead, that way we don't consume resources. If you think that attempting to hide as a good party Repuglican, get over it. If you are not on the chosen
list, you can go to hell or try Dick Chaney's advice and simply "go fuck yourself."

From: Jack Radley,
Sent: Tuesday, October 11, 2005 12:04 PM
Re: Two more years to enjoy the American Dream

May I reccomend decaf?  Look, I know you are well intentioned, and I applaud all efforts towards reaching troops, both active duty, retired, and prospective.  It is critical work, and more critical in regards our chances in this country if the other side goes for all the marbles, as I feared they might before the elections.
But issuing bulletins of impending doom, complete with timelines, just makes you look silly.  History we can analyze.  The future is speculation, it ain't happened yet.  Anyone who tells you "Surely by such and such a date so and so will happen..." is engaging in speculation.  Life is SO much more complex than even the best analysis.
As to the "facts" you cite.  My friend, the US Army has been used in domestic disorders on numerous occaisions, from railroad strikes, to urban riots, to desegregation crises, to defending the Pentagon from demonstrators.  Military intel has been involved in domestic surrveillance for quite some time, etc, etc.  These mechanisms have been in place for a
long time, they are just adjusting, strengthening, and oiling them.  This is ominous, but it always has been.
Peaceful revolution?  My dear friend, I'm sorry, but I don't think you are taking this very seriously.  For a revolution, even more so a peaceful one, you need a very concious and organized mass of the population.  We didn't have that in this country in 1970, probably as close as we have come recently to appropriate conditions.  We certainly had the bad guys scared, but we were SO divided, disorganized, confused, and busy fighting one another, and represented such small numbers, even if our influence was huge, that we were not ready to make love, war, or revolution.  Revolution is to put some people out of power, and put others in.  We have no organization, leaders, structure, agreed program, plans to seize power, plans to govern, anything.
The concept of peaceful revolution is also interesting.  It suggests that the people who govern this country, and own it, would see enough of us in the streets, and say, "Aw, gosh, they seem awful determined, and peaceful.  Guess we'd better just hang it up and retire, let them try to do better.  We surrender."  Why do I have trouble visualizing this scene?  I am a veteran of political struggle since the early '60s.  I have seen them concede on some demands we made, but every step was hard, bloody, and as soon as they made the concession, they were scheming to regain the lost ground.  And have taken a whole lot of it back.
Peaceful revolution means that the other side gives in, without trying to drown said revolution in blood.  History suggests that this is not a common phenomenon, and can only really happen when they have no cards left to play, the armed forces have largely disintegrated in their hands, and they fear they will lose.
Armed revolution seems to me to have as little chance.  I have studied revolution for quite some time, and its pretty obvious.  We don't have the basis for it, and probably never will.
This doesn't leave us with much, as they pretty much have elections controlled.  We can put on pressure from outside, as we always have, and it certainly has a good deal of effect.
We can keep doing it, and maybe, someday, things will change.  They do sometimes, scales drop from eyes big time.  But in the meantime, I don't think rhetoric about deadlines and dramatic hypothetical events are very useful.

Gail Wilson on Wednesday, October 05, 2005 at 09:08:23

My flag will be displayed upside down. The flag upside down is a distress signal.  I, too mourn all the losses in this insane war; but to me the bottom line is,  this is a country in distresss.  It has been abandoned by its people and taken over by a renegade government.  I do not see the war in the middle east as the war on terrorism.  It is a war caused by terrorists alright,  but the terrorists are in Washington DC.  And many of our young people in the service know that.  Our service members do deserve our support.  They have been trapped in one of the biggest hoaxes in history.  But let's be clear who the terrorists are.
Thanks for what you are doing.
Port Townsend, WA., USA

Phil Cohen on Mon, 2 May 2005 23:42:59 -0400

wonders why the neo-cons get criticized for stifling speech when the closet-reds do as much via "political correctness" and ideology in the college classroom.

Both sides are disgusting.

In a world where North Korea and religious fanatics in Iran have nukes.... I want bigger ones.

A degree in "peace studies". What delusional idiot authorized that?

Hobbes was right. Life is nasty, brutish, and short. Sort of like my first wife. There is no Utopia, no workers paradise.... watch animal planet and get a handle on what the species homo sapiens is really up to.

I'm a much happier person than most. The world doesn't depress me at all. I accept it and it probably doesn't accept me, and I'm ok with that too.

Phil Cohen
Camden NJ

"Courage is the first of all the virtues because if you haven't courage, you may not have the opportunity to use any of the others." --Samuel Johnson
"Never eat more than you can lift." - Miss Piggy
"It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues." - Abraham Lincoln

Danilov Serguyvich on Monday, April 25, 2005 at 23:55:21
Volgograd, Russia

Good site especially the Aviation Related Educational Games and Simulations.

Mark Varallo D.O.  on Sunday, April 17, 2005 at 21:11:11
Southern California, USA

With all due respect sir.  As a registered independent, you managed to destroy a decent person who is trying to do the right thing if nothing else.   Your personal attacks on President Bush are nothing short of spilled milk hypocritical Democrat venting.  You take cheap shots at this man and yet you voted for Bill Clinton??  You want skeletons in a closet?? People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.   What about Jimmy Carter and JFK?  They are not prizes either. No president is.  They are men trying to do the best they can.  I was thinking of subscribing to your newsletter but your site is way too bipartisan.

Mark Varallo D.O.

Q Madp on Sunday, March 27, 2005 at 23:05:13
Portland, OR, USA

You have a great website!! Keep it up. We must not forget our men and women that gave their all.  To some they are just Iraq war casualties but to many of us they are Iraq War Heroes.

Larry D. Rick on Saturday, January 22, 2005 at 21:14:46
Lyndon, Ill U.S.A.

Dear Sir:  I am a Honorably Discharged veteran who served 3 years as a Medic in the Army in the 70s; my brother is an Air Force medic who is an E5 with 14 years in service, his son has just   returned from a year service in the Army in Iraq, my father (passed away) served 5 years in the Navy in WW2; but to get to the point, we are just as patriotic as the next guy and we believe when a country this size votes there is no way it can go perfectly but all this "voter fraud" hype is being blown up by the liberal news media and sore losers who want our country to be socialistic.  It did not work in the Soviet Union nor would it work here.
Larry D. Rick

Joe Holbrook on Monday, January 03, 2005 at 21:29:41
Quincy,IL,62305, USA

I can appreciate your concern over matters of election fraud, but I must take issue with certain items. The 2000 election was not stolen in Florida. The people in charge of counting the votes were given clear instructions by the Supreme court,but they coud not or would not follow them. The court was correct in it's action. Also,with 10,000 democrat lawyers and an equal number of republicans looking out for their interests,why are there no serious charges being made?
All we hear is from fringe groups who make broad unspecific claims,many from heavily Democratic areas,with Democrat election officials! I would think someone could produce hard evidence that the media would jump on like a duck on junebug!
I know this may sound far -fetched,but it looks like an inside-job to me.The dems create a we-can't-lose scenario, rig the exit polls, and then plant voters who scream their vote has been switched by a machine! Also,in dem counties, they hide votes from the officials,and bring them out later and claim the repub's did it. Call me crazy.

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