Battle Honors

The 386th Bombardment Group (M). For outstanding performance of duty in action against the enemy in the European Theater of Operations from 30 July 1943 to 30 July 1944. During this period the 386th Bombardment Group (M) attained the most outstanding record of all B-26 Groups in the European Theater of Operations in terms of number of successful sorties flown, tonnage of bombs dispatched and enemy aircraft destroyed, while at the same time maintaining the highest bombing accuracy score. The eminently successful concentrated pattern bombing first employed by the 386th Bombardment Group (M) on 2 September 1943 established a technique in medium bombardment which was adopted with unusual success throughout subsequent operations over Western Europe, while missions of the Group carried out against Amsterdam Schipol airdrome, the pilotless aircraft launching sites in the Cherbourg Peninsula and Pas de Calais area, the attacks upon marshalling yards, aircraft installations, bridges, and communications and transportation centers both prior to and during operations of the Allied Ground Forces on the Continent, were of the utmost importance to the campaign in Northwest Europe.  The untiring devotion to duty and extraordinary skill and courage demonstrated by the members of the 386th Bombardment Group (M) throughout the course of these exceedingly difficult and exacting operations reflect great credit upon the entire organization and are in keeping with the highest traditions of the Service.
"Battle Honors" from "The Story of The Crusaders"
Posted with permission
Copyright 1999 Skip Young - 386th Bomb Group

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