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Martin Marauder B-26 and the 386th Bombardment Group

Thanks to Skip Young, Lt. Colonel USAF, Retd., a superb collection of pictures of the Martin Marauder B-26 is now available to view on-line. These pictures are of the 386th Bombardment Group, taken while they participated in wartime activities during World War 2.  Many of the pictures shown here were taken on actual combat missions, and some are actually in color.  In addition of the great set of pictures, Skip has generously given me permission to copy portions of his book "The Story of the Crusaders" which tells much about the men of the 386th and of their bold efforts to squash the Nazi war machine.
For your enlightenment, I have listed the table of contents below.  In it you will see some hyperlinks which will connect you to excerpts from his book.  Only a fraction of his book is reproduced here.  If you would like to read the entire book you may buy your own copy for a mere $20 which includes shipping anywhere in the US.   It is a fascinating book, full of personal experiences, historical data, many pictures, and is a good reference of the 386th's efforts. (Sorry Sold Out) to find out how to order your own copy.
Otherwise, enjoy the pages and pictures posted here!

Show me the pictures!
(Note: this page will call up over 100K of thumbnail images - be prepared to wait a minute or two)

Table of Contents

Battle Honors
Editor's Note
BOOK 1 - The Beginnings
The Organization
The Airplane, B-26 "Marauder"
The Engine, P&W R-2800
The Personnel
The Training
    MacDill Field, Florida
    Lake Charles, Louisiana
BOOK II - Heading for Combat
Heading for Combat
    The Northern Route
    Across the Atlantic - The Slow Way
    Colchester, England - Station 150
BOOK III - Combat
The Campaigns
The Air Offensive Against Europe
    Great Dunmow, England - Station 164
Not Everyone Came Home
The Normandy Campaign
    The Invasion
The Northern France Campaign
    The A-26's Arrive
The Rhineland Campaign
    Beaumon-sur-Oise, France - Station A-60
The Ardennes Campaign
    Changing Horses - The A-26 "Invader"
The Central Europe Campaign
    St. Trond, Belgium
    V-E Day
    The Squadron Commanders
    The Trip Back Home
BOOK IV - Chronology
The Missions
In Memoriam
Personnel Lists and Photos
BOOK V - Epilogue
American Memorial Chapel
That They May Be Remembered
The Bases - 1990
The 386th Bomb Group Association, Inc.
Historical Calendar
Dedication by Crash Gordon

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Table of Contents from "The Story of The Crusaders"
Posted with permission
Copyright 1999 Skip Young - 386th Bomb Group

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