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Memorial to the men of 386th Bomb Group
who gave their lives.

The Americans whose names appear here were part of the price that free men, for a second time in this century, have been forced to pay to defend human liberty and right. All who shall hereafter live in freedom will be reminded that to these men and thier comrades we owe a debt to be paid with grateful rememberances of their sacrifice and with the high resolve that the cause for which they died shall live eternally.
Inscription in the American Cemetery, Cambridge, England


Headquarters, 386th Bombardment Group
Danforth, S.M.
Dunn, G.H. Jr.
Kulick, H.W.
Meldrum, J.W.

552nd Bombardment Squadron
Adams, W.R.
Alfredson, C.W. Jr.
Baird, G.P. Jr.
Biegelman, E.O.
Brandenberg, J.E.
Bruck, J.M.
Buell, H.E.
Clark, J.M.
Coffey, W.J. Jr.
Corbin, H.J.
Cox, W.F.
Ellington, B.W.
Formicola, H.J.
Hall, D.D.
Hartman, W.M.
Herbert, W.T.
Higgins, J.C. Jr.
Krump, H.V.
Newall, W.R.
Newton, G.J. Jr.
Park, J.H.
Parson, F.L.
Regan, J.J.
Smith, E.A.
Solley, J.H.C.
Stone, D.F.
Trigonides, D.P.
Upton, T.S.
VanDamme, W.A.
Vermette, A.J.
Whitehead, J.E.

553rd Bombardment Squadron
Biby, R.H.
Birmingham, R.J.
Blue, V.
Bragg, P.W.
Briggs, F.O.
Brusman, J.
Bush, M.D.
Cannady, C.C.
Clark, H.M.
Costello, T.
Cuthbertson, J.F.
Danowitz, S.B.
Davis, J.E.
Dawson, H.A.
Evans, R.D.
Ferri, F.L.
Harr, H.E.
Henry, L.A.
Higgenbotham, L.C.
Hoffman, G.E.
Hoffman, R.L.
Holm, R.L.
Hoppe, H.
Houser, J.L.
Jenkins, T.W.
Johns, C.M.
Kehn, L.A.
Kelly, D.E.
Land, H.C.
Marzalek, F.
McCollum, S.D.
Misner, H.G.
Molnar, R.S.
Perry, J.D.
Powers, C.D.
Schute, J.
Solomon, C.L.
Sumlin, R.F.
Tiger, G.H.
Webber, D.J.
Williams, K.I.
Williamson, R.D.
Working, R.
Young, J.P.
Zimmerman, G.F.

554th Bombardment Squadron
Allenbrand, J.B.
Ambrose, J.C.
Benjamin, J.S.
Bergeron, G.C.
Bernauer, W.L.
Beyl, R.N.
Caldwell, W.T.
Carlson, J.M.
Cubba, L.J.
Dennon, A.A. Jr.
Dorton, J.L.
Ellis, J.T.
Faith, R.R.
Foppe, H.S.
Hercker, J.W.
Hurley, G.M.
Kay, F.J.
Larson, C.V.
Lawson, O.E.
Lehmen, C.E.
MacDonald, M.S.
Madison, T.L.
McCleskey, D.F.
McGrady, H.F.
McIntire, M.B.
McMullen, R.A.
Meyer, W.A.
Miller, U.W.
Mitstifer, D.B.
Morgan, C.H.
Murray, E.B.
Nordland, W.A.
Ostrom, P.F.
Pardridge, J.H.
Patterson, W.J.
Ray, W.C.
Rudy, J.J.
Schoffstall, D.L.
Schultz, F.A.
Smith, W.A.
Stetson, L.H.
Swanton, F.E.
Tanck, D.D.
Tiller, H.A.
Vogiatzis, G.
White, L.P.
Woody, J.H.
Woolsey, A.R.
Youngblood, G.A.
Zitnyar, J.

555th Bombardment Squadron
Balcom, L.D.
Becker, F.J.
Beegle, R.C.
Borrell, R.A.
Bradley, W.T.
Brundage, W.A.
Burger, A.G. Jr.
Burk, D.V.
Canty, J.H.
Carrigan, L.
Coyle, T.P.
Curtis, R.E.
Depew, A.G.
Dilg, J.H.
Faverman, J.
Flinn, W.
Graffe, D.J.
Guice, T.
Haris, W.B.
Hazlett, G.H. Jr.
Hicks, W.D.
Jackson, C.A.
Johnson, E.G.
Kelly, P.J.
King, H.M.
Kingsley, R.E.
Kirk, L.W.
Kondak, S.F.
Lodge, F.W. Jr.
Lopez, A.A. Jr.
Marrin, J.T.
McCaslin, T.J.
McClure, H.R.
McGonigle, L.F.
Melson, W.F.
Meserow, D.
Miller, C.A.
Morris, C.M.
Owen, R.J.
Pearson, J.L.
Perkins, R.E.
Peterson, S.B.
Price, T.A.
Repetta, H.
Roberts, R.C.
Roth, H.J.
Samuelson, M.L.
Scharding, P.E.
Slustrop, A.P.
Stonehouse, W.M.
Strauss, A.V.
Thatcher, O.D.
Thornton, C.V.
Tucker, D.A.
Turner, E.E.
Turner, W.E.
VanPelt, W.D.
Weiss, D.L.

20th Station Compliment Squadron
Fisher, A.
Sunderlin, D.R.

"In Memorium" from "The Story of The Crusaders"
Posted with permission
Copyright 1999 Skip Young - 386th Bomb Group

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