Aviation Related Educational Games and Simulations

These games have been selected due to their educational value
or aviation /science  related content.  OK..., some of them I picked
because they are just plain fun!
All these games require that Java be enabled
on your browser.  IE4 or Netscape 4.x or higher is also recommended.
Most of them take a little while to load too, so be patient.

and now, in alphabetical order...

4 Stroke Cycle Animation
See how a 4 cycle engine works

The classic video arcade game from the seventies. Tons of fun.

Ball Drop
Demonstration of a normal distribution.

Collision simulator (two dimensional)
Cool demonstration of effects of angle, velocity and mass on
colliding bodies in two dimensions. You control the variables.

Jet Noise Simulator
Change parameters of speed, altitude, direction,
and engine noise output to view the resulting
impact on the terrestrial landscape.

JS Falcon
Air battle game.
Uses numberpad for controls.

JS Flanker
This game is an air battle game, much like a flight simulator.
You have 10 missiles and 500 bullets.
Shoot down as much as possible!
Use your number pad to maneuver.

Lunar Lander Simulator
Land your Lunar Lander on the Moon without crashing.
Change the gravity setting to challenge your piloting skills.

Lunar Lander Simulator (Hard)
Land your Lunar Lander on the Moon without crashing.
This one is really tough. TOP GUNS ONLY!!!

Newtons Cannon
Ballistic Simulator - Demonstration of Newtons Cannon.

Pattern Simulator
Demonstration of an airport landing pattern.

Projectile Simulator
Demonstration of effects of velocity,
angle, mass and air resistance on a projectile.

Real Time Satellite Tracker
Takes you to NASA's site where you can view orbits and
information of satellites.  Awesome!  Be sure to bookmark before you leave!
(See Ya!)

This is a shoot'em up game very much
like Missle Command, but different!

Spaceflight simulator where you
control the direction of flight.

Vary the seven inputs to create limitless designs.
Conserves paper - uses only 100% receycled bytes.

A spaced based shoot'em up game.  Takes a while to load so be patient.
Great graphics and nice user interface..

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