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TOP SECRET Norden Bombsight 
The Norden bombsight was one of the most closely guarded secrets of of the US. military during World War II.  Invented by Carl Norden, it was a mechanical analog computer made up of gyros, motors, gears, mirrors, levers and a telescope.  It was used to determine the exact moment bombs had to be dropped to hit the target accurately. On later versions of the B-17G, the Nordon bombsight would actually fly the plane through the bomb run while coupled to the airplanes controls.  It was claimed to be accurate enough to hit a 100 foot circle from and altitude of 21,000 feet (4 miles). In actual combat conditions its accuracy was almost always less than that.

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During World War II, great precautions were taken to guard the secrecy of the Norden bombsight.  The sight was loaded onto its aircraft just before takeoff under armed guard.  It was covered from view until in the air.  Upon landing, it was immediately removed, again under armed guard and secured.  By the wars end, over 45,000 bombardiers had been trained in its operation, each of them swearing under oath to protect its secrecy if need be with their lives.

On August 6, 1945, bombardier Major Thomas Ferebee used a Norden bombsight to drop the uranium bomb, Little Boy, from the B-29 Enola Gay, 31,000 feet above Hiroshima.

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