Day one in Eugene, Oregon

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The White Rose arriving on 7/24/06. Not even 30 seconds after this shot was taken a Eugene Police volunteer vehicle
passed by. Man, these Vets must be trouble! Look closely at those bikes, they look "loaded" to me!!!


Chiara and Sigmond captured on camera basking in an aura of Peace.

First hosts of the bike trip, Eugene residents Ivy and Gordon, soaking up the wonderful and refreshing presence of true patriots,
as opposed to the kind that just says they are.

Jack Dresser, Pat and Lane

Now won't that make a great story someday! How many kids can say they had the White Rose parked in their front yard?

Jack loves showing off the Art Gallery (2005 1st edition).

Geronimo Garcia, 42, from Arcata, CA assembling his human powered vehicle in a garden of Eden,
well, actually it is the garden of Ivy! Geronimo is serving his country now.

Lane Anderson from Arcata, CA.

Hanging out on the White Rose.

Fred Danforth from Willits, CA, Associate VFP #116 at the Command Console of the White Rose.
Fred never served in the military. He is serving his country now.

Brian Willson checking out his hand powered trike after re-assembly. Brian was quick to point out that one of my signs that
said "Torture is not an American value" was incorrect. Torture IS an American value and has been for many years. He's right.


Eugene hostess Ivy Kohler

(l-r) Dave Tschoepy, Jack Dresser and Brian Willson

Gordon Sturrock and Edgar Peara at the Peace Conference in the park. Both are members of VeteransAgainstTorture.

Edgar was a participant of the D-day invasion at Normandy, is now a retired Unitarian Universalist minister. You can read more
about Edgar here:

The natural beauty surrounding us at our Peace Conference was stunning.

Josh Schlossberg of Eugene talking about Critical Mass

Dr. Jack Dresser also of Eugene/Springfield talking about the significance of the 1LT Ehren Watada case.

Brian Willson speaking his mind. "Art Gallery" 2nd edition on display in background. Media not interested.
Thanks to generous contribution, we raised over $300 at this stop which will be used for biofuel for our vehicles and humans.

Brian was a Captain in the Air Force, underwent his epiphany while in Vietnam during the war and became an anti-war
protester. Brian lost his legs while exercising peaceful civil resistance at the Concord Weapons Station, attempting to
stop a munitions loaded train with weapons headed towards Central America.

Jack Dresser speaking his mind to the media with a 99 percent chance footage goes unused. The American public doesn't like
bad news, or anyone who brings it to them. Jack is bad. Bad Jack. Baaaaad Jack.

Pre-trip meeting after nightfall.

We were all in VERY good spirits, not only because we were at the beginning of our trip, but because we all
felt something rare, a feeling of being accepted and understood. (left to right) Pat, Fred, Geronimo, Jeff, Lane, Dave.


(left to right) Mark (seated), Bob, Jack, and Ivy

Jeff, Lane, Dave, Carilyn, homeless Vet who just happen to pass by, and Becky.


Day 1, 58 pictures on 2 pages - Page 1  -  Page 2

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