Day one in Eugene, Oregon

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My neighbor, Tebor, serving his country, and some tasty eggs from our chickens at 4 o'clock in the morning.

Organic eggs donated by (left to right) Bella, Mitt, & Goldy, members of the covert ChickensAgainstTorture based in Eugene.
Spokeschicken Bella says "Only birdbrains use torture!"
"Worms, not weapons" is their motto.

Dave Tschoepy and Lane Anderson at breakfast on day 1.

Scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, bacon and coffee! Always popular with military folks, even the peaceful ones!

Billy Kelly, 63, from New York City waking up.

Lots of us put air in our tires this morning, and I think all the other mornings too.

Dave Tschoepy stowing his gear in his homemade trike.

Dave in shadows, Don and Brian (left to right)


Ivy posing fashionably above a "Troops Home Now!" sign.


Lane checking the adjustments on his Excycle, a device that allows him to provide a power boost from his arms. Lane said that he
estimates that at times his arms provide as much as 50% of the power.

Becky Lueing stowing gear in Brians bio-diesel support vehicle.

Geronimo and Eric pumping tires and Don taking pictures

We were up before sun up. Tempratures were expected to reach nearly 100 degrees today and we were forced to make early
starts to beat the heat. Proper hydration of our bodies was very much on our minds. The heat was a serious problem for us.
Can anybody say "Global Warming"?






Brian ready to roll.

Almost set to leave on our first day.

Gordon looking very treasonous on his M1A1 Human Powered Machine.

At least two Priuses supported our trip at different times as chase vehicles.

Group picture just before leaving.  Ooooops, missing Jeff Chase whose laid down bicycle is present. He was getting a pic.


White Rose powered up and ready to leave. Mark Dubrow who drove a biofuel chase vehicle making last minute checks.

White Rose pilot and owner Pat Tate

Stopping for a group picture at the Skinner Butte Veterans Memorial.

Day 1, 58 pictures on 2 pages - Page 1  -  Page 2

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