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Veterans Peace and Sustainable Living Ride

A Monarch Butterfly caterpillar consumes voraciously and strips the environment for nutrition until it reaches a point where it goes through a metamorphosis.  Encloses in a shell of its own making, it goes through a crisis when its very structure disintegrates into an organic soup.
At that point, many "organizer cells" gather together other cells to form "imaginal buds" that begin to create a new structure from the crisis.
The caterpillar's defense mechanisms,  perceiving a threat to its old order, attacks them as it would alien invaders.   The imaginal buds prevail by linking up with one another in a cooperative effort that brings forth a new being of great beauty, possibilities and the capacity to live lightly on this Earth, serve as a pollinator and migrates thousands of miles to experience life as no caterpillar could.
If we can help the caterpillar find its wings, that would be a good ride!

from a book by Dave C. Korten

Pictures and story of our ride...


Day 1 in Eugene
Two pages, calls up 30 pics each totalling about 6 MB  (be patient while picture load)
Page 1
Page 2

Day 2 in Eugene/Corvallis
calls up 24 pictures totalling 6 MB.

Day 3 in Corvallis/Salem
(I don't have any pictures of text for this day)

Day 4 in Salem/Newberg
Too many pics to put on one page, broken up into 3 pages for easier viewing.
Approx. 30 pics each totalling about 7 MB's.
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

This is the last of the pictures I have. I'll be anxiously looking foward to getting picture of the other days for posting here.

Here are some other good links for pictures and story of our trip:



PRESS RELEASE - updated 7/17/06

Veterans Ride for Peace

Members of Veterans For Peace (VFP) and Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) are planning a human-powered cycle ride in July and August (schedule below) to promote taking responsibility for the consequences of personal and community choices as a response to war. After the Peace Conference in the Park on July 24 (info below) cyclists will depart from Eugene, Oregon on July 25 and pedal to all the way to Seattle, Washington where the National Veterans For Peace Convention will be held August 10-13.

The "Veterans Peace and Sustainable Living Ride" seeks to demonstrate taking responsibility for reducing our dependence on oil, an addiction believed to be a major cause of current wars. In the words of veteran Brian Willson, "A revolution of consciousness is needed, enabling us to recognize the sacred interconnectedness of all life. Once that is internalized, we naturally make
different choices based on mutual respect." The cyclists believe that one of the most radical things we can do is stop consuming while recreating local, community-reliant economies.

The ride was initiated by Willson and Lane Anderson, both disabled Vietnam veteran peace activists from California. Willson, a double-amputee, will be riding a three-wheeled, arm-powered handcycle. Anderson, who has arthritic knees, will ride a specially outfitted "Exycle" bicycle which provides extra bursts of hand-generated power. The ride will be accompanied by several
alternative-fueled vehicles, including "The White Rose," a VFP biodiesel bus from Mendocino. Community events will be scheduled at each stop along the ride, details still to be determined. For information stay tuned to http://www.vfp56.org/seattle.html or call Becky at 707-826-9197.

Eugene Peace Conference in the Park!
Please join us in the park on July 24th at 6pm. We'll be at the mini-amphitheater located next to the Willamette River at the end of N. Adams Street. Park on N. Adams St. and make the very short walk to the river, or better yet ride your bike(!!!) from any point along the bike path and meet us at the Amphitheater which is near the River House at 301 N. Adams.

guest speakers at the Peace Conference:

Edgar Peara - WW2 Veteran, D-Day participant, VeteransAgainstTorture member and retired minister, will give a blessing. More about Edgar at: www.squadron13.com/members/bio-edgarpeara.htm

Josh Schlossberg - local Critical Mass organizer

Sara Rich - mother of the incarcerated Suzanne Swift. Find out more about Suzanne at: www.SuzanneSwift.org

Dr. Jack Dresser - Vietnam era Veteran, behavior scientist, and political writer and VeteransAgainstTorture member. More on Jack here:

Brian Willson - Vietnam Veteran, Peace Activist, political writer, and guiding force behind the Sustainable Living Ride. Much of Brian's work is viewable online at: http://www.brianwillson.com/

Eugene Host is Gordon Sturrock, Cold War Veteran, Eugene Civil Resistor, founder of VeteransAgainstTorture.com and Squadron13.com

Human powered Trip Itinerary
Oregon Arrival Dates:
7/24- Eugene (depart 7/25) Peace Conference in the Park at 6pm Monday eve.
7/25- Corvallis (depart 7/26)
7/26- Salem (depart 7/27)
7/27- Newberg (depart 7/28)
7/28- Portland (depart 7/30)
7/30- Columbia City (depart 7/31) expect slight change for this day

Washington Arrival Dates:
7/31- Castle Rock (depart 8/1)
8/01- Centralia (depart 8/2)
8/02- Lacey/Olympia (depart 8/6)
8/06- Puyallup/Tacoma (depart 8/7)
8/07- Kent (depart 8/8)
8/08- SEATTLE!!!
VeteransForPeace Conference 8/10-8/13 at the University of Washington

Please visit http://www.vfp56.org/seattle.html or call Becky at 707-826-9197 for latest info.
Eugene Oregon contact is Gordon Sturrock - cell 541-729-7760

Additional handy links:

Discussion Forum for Ride Participants
- open to the public

Expectations for Community Hosts
If you can provide a place for our Veterans to spend the night along the way, here is what we need.

Veterans for Peace National Convention - 2006
Registration and other information

Brian Wilson's Website
Brian Wilson is a Vietnam Veteran and anti-war protestor.

Event Publicity
Follow along as we make waves, all the way to Seattle!

Pictures of the mini-Amphitheater where we will be holding our Press Conference on our first night in Eugene


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