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Geronimo in foreground


Bob Goss

Here is Mark Dubrow in his biodiesel van. Mark provided support for the whole group in many ways.

Carilyn moving along. Traffic was pretty light on this road.

But those trucks sure did look big, especially next to Becky.

Jim McCarren




Geronimo with his bamboo trailer and a load.



Pat in the White Rose cockpit


Grouping up for our escort into Newberg


Embedded blogger Jeff Chase from Detroit, Michigan.
You can visit his story of the trip here:


Our group tended to split up a bit with a lead group and a rear group. Here is the lead group waiting for something.

Our Newberg host Bruce Freeman managed to get a Police escort into town for us! It was practically a parade! Here is Bruce
working out some details with the officer. In foreground is Bill Kelly and Becky.

We're going in!

Newberg, Oregon




Nice shot of Lane

Really cool shot of Geronimo!

Flag was at half mast for U.S. Marine Capt. Christopher Pate who was laid to rest the following day in Willamette National Cemetery.

Day Four, 82 pictures on 3 pages---   Page 1  -  Page 2  -  Page 3

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