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Last up the hill is Geronimo with his loaded trailer. Prius, biodiesel van, and White Rose right behind.

What a great idea!!!

Dave doing some unexpected fixing on some bearings. Dave was a C-130 mechanic in the Air Force.

Recharging the humans after a hard and hot day.

Imbedded blogger Jeff Chase, Carilyn, Ted and Jim McCarren

Lane impressing us with his mechanical abilities. Taking off his complicated Excycle front wheel to fix a flat looked like a nightmare.
We all made sure there was adequate supervision while Lane did all the work!

What a COOL sign!

Oh, please, can I hold that too?

Fred preparing the colors.

The antique replica of the Betsy Ross 13 star flag has special significance to Bruce, myself and others. We've adopted
its use in place of our thoroughly desecrated 50 star version. Brian points out that even by the time the Besty Ross flag was
created, we had already begun the "ethnic cleansing" of our continent.
BRIAN, that's bad news! Americans don't want any more bad news. Brian is bad. BAAAAD Brian.
But back then we weren't as smart as we are now and simply called them savages, which made it OK to kill them all.
Now we know better and call them "terrorists" and "immigrants", and "ragheads".
That part in the Bible that says "Thou shall not kill", and "Love thy neighbor", was just a big mistake.

I really like this picture.

The antique flag is a gift to the White Rose from VeteransAgainstTorture.

Dave, Gordon and Bruce. Good times.

The originator of the concept of adopting sole use of the Betsy Ross was none other than my fellow ranter and raver Bruce Freeman,
VeteransAgainstTorture member number...   13!  MY LUCKY NUMBER!!!!
How fitting that it fly above the White Rose for the first time here at his house.

Hostess Sharon serving up food for about 20 hungry people!




It was a great evening - Thanks Bruce and Sharon!!!!

Day Four, 82 pictures on 3 pages---   Page 1  -  Page 2  -  Page 3

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