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Here we are going through downtown Newberg

Speak up for Peace!

Here's some Peace loving folks!

Don't know about these guys.




Ethan and Geronimo. We had two Geronimos!

Becky watering up on the move.

I was riding in the back of a pickup truck for the escort through town and was able to get these nice shots.





Bill always giving our good advice!!!

We could barely believe that Bruce would get us a police escort but sure enough! We sure seemed to take the long scenic route
through town while wondering how much longer till we could quit for the day. How much further Bruce?
Bruce cheerfully replies "Just another mile!" which I relayed to the riders. After some thought the riders ask, up, down, or level?

...and UP

...and UP!

One by one our riders came crawling up the hill


Here's our early birds.

...and here comes the rest of the gang.

This hill is a lot steeper than it looks from the seat of a bicycle!

Do it for PEACE!!!

Lane off to the right using upper and lower body.



Is that a big smile?  NOT, he's gasping for oxygen!!!

That's it! We all made it.

Day Four, 82 pictures on 3 pages---   Page 1  -  Page 2  -  Page 3

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